Storage and transshipping

Storage and warehousing services:

Reloading without storage (from one truck to another) 

Warehouse storage

The total area of our own warehouse facilities amounts to 2000 sq.m. Moreover, have amount to 5000 sq.m. of open spaces for reloading and non-standard cargo storage.

Cargo reloading from 1 ton to 8 tons

Forklift handling capabilities are 1.5 t, 3,6 t and 8 t.

Reloading with crane from 8 to 20 t

We have the possibility to arrange cargo handling over 20 tons in the territory of our warehouse.

Manual reloading

Realizing reloading of small shipments.

Temporary storage warehouse

Value Added Services:

  • packaging
  • labelling
  • marking
  • repacking
  • printing and scanning
  • cargo adjustment

Customs agency

  • customs clearance in the EX export procedure
  • system AES
  • filling-in of the TIR Carnet
  • customs declarations (system NCTS)
  • confirming transportation documents
  • execution of EPI on Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan